Coca and Cannabis? : Coca cola considering to make cannabis enhanced soft drinks.

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Coca-cola might be one of the latest companies to dabble into the cannabis industry in the coming years.

The soft drink behemoths are in negotiation with a canadian marijuana company Aurora cannabis, to produce cannabis induced soft drinks. This drink will contain cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical in marijuana leaf that doesnt give a ‘buzz’ or a ‘high’, but has numerous health benefits such as; Pain relief. One of the most celebrated health benefits of CBD oil is its analgesic (pain relieving) effects, it is also said to possess anti-Seizure Properties, by reducing dramatic fluctuation of electrical activity in the brain that cause seizures. CBD also combats anxiety, fights cancer and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Although Coca-cola has refused to go into details, a coke spokes man said that the company is broadly interested in the booming cannabis industry.

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