Highlight Strategies, Check Emotions.

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Borrow a leaf from this post when next you want to talk trading. Beginners in the financial markets think it is all rosy. I’m sorry bud, you would encounter thorns before the flower of your trading. Geddit? Haha.

Just a little comic relief to those who know what it is like to lose in the markets.

To the noobs out there, the financial markets can make you rich or poor depending on how well you can manage your emotions when you win or lose a trade. Even the best traders out there make predictions and fall short of what the anticipate would be the turn out. Only their experience and the ability to manage their emotions is paramount to building a very good portfolio, hence the millionaires you hear about with the ‘best strategies’.

There are a few tips that can help you as a rookie investor or trader even with Lumentrades:

  1. Seeking portfolio management from an expert.
  2. Learning the basics of using margins and leverages.
  3. Learning to properly place stop losses.

Would explain these better on a different blogpost. Even when you have explored these while trying to find your feet, you might still hit stones and bump into boulders. Do not relent, adjust like you would do your collar and shrug the dirt of your shoulder. It is a rocky and an uneven steep with the charts.

A wise man once said, “Never let your emotions control your intellect”. It could be detrimental to your mental health and more so to your trading account when it concerns the financial markets.

Register with Lumentrades today and begin your trading even as a rookie with the best portfolio managers you can find in the industry.


Jessica here, till next time. Adios!


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